The Process

Not only does Lauderdale Homes want to provide new homeowners with a home that exceeds their expectations, we want to make the process of buying and building your home an enjoyable experience.  That is why we have a step by step guide to explain the process from beginning to end.

Step One – Selection

We invite you to meet with us to tell us what you want in your new home.  You may bring us your plan or we have many plans for you to choose from.  From there we will tailor the plan to meet your specific needs.  Next, we will help you choose an available lot from our Old Hickory subdivision that complements your floor plan.

Step Two – Building Plans

After a lot is secured, we will begin the final construction drawings.  We will work with you to make suggestions that other homeowners have found beneficial and that might provide a cost savings fore can explain which features are standard and what upgrade options are available.  Next, we will provide you with a detailed list of specifications so you know exactly what features and materials are included in your home.

Step Three – Construction Agreement

Up to this point, we have been working with a preliminary budget range.  Now that the plans and specifications are complete, we will calculate an exact construction cost for your home.  Next, we will sign a contract outlining the responsibilities of Lauderdale Homes and the homeowner, including a construction time frame and provisions for changes to the plans.  At the time that you sign the contract, we will collect an Earnest Money Deposit check that will go toward your down payment at closing.

Step Four – Selections

At the time that you sign your contract, we will schedule an appointment for you to meet with us in our office to make certain selections for your home.  At this appointment you will begin the process of selecting items such as paint colors, cabinets, flooring, appliances, light fixtures and many others.  After you make your selections, it is time to enjoy watching your home being built.